Days of Bok, Boknal Festival

In Yulin, China en Boknal, Korea worden jaarlijks heel veel honden live geslacht op gruwelijke wijze, door langdurige mishandeling van het lichaam zou het vlees namelijk lekkerder smaken. Ze worden verbrand en geslagen of levend gekookt om ze op te eten.
This Korean costum of eating hot meals in hot weather is known as i-yeol-chi-yeol (이열치열), which literally means ‘to relieve heat with heat’.
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Days of Bok, Boknal Festival, South-Korea (Dog Days), 19 july till 8 august 2020 #boknal on

Koreans love to eat samgyetang (삼계탕: ginseng chicken soup) on Boknal, the three hottest days (cho bok, jung bok and mal bok) of the year. Since today is “chobok” which refers to the beginning of the hottest days of summer in Korea.

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‘Hashtag’ #StopBokNal or #BokNal on, the Boknal festival in Korea

Dit ‘festival’ lijkt eigenlijk op het Yulin dog meat festival, maar is op een heel andere plek! Days of Bok (伏) or Boknals are the hottest days of summer, which range from mid-July to mid-August in South Korea. the first “Dog Day” or the First Bokanl(初伏) was July 19, 2010. And Middle Boknal (中伏) falls on July 29, and Last Boknal (末伏) will be on August 8, this year. Bron

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Samgye-tang (삼계탕; 蔘鷄湯)

Samgyetang is a warm soup for hot summer days. It is especially popular to eat this chicken soup on sambok (삼복) days, which are three distinct days of the lunar calendar—Chobok (초복), Jungbok (중복), and Malbok (말복)—commonly among the hottest and most sultry summer days in Korea.[3][4] Eating samgyetang on these days is believed to promote health.

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